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Kitchen Installation, Renovation, Custom Made

At Ajimal Kitchens & Joinery we believe that every space, no matter its shape or size, has the potential to become unique, harmonial and beautiful.

Outdoor Kitchen

When the weather is mild, you cannot resist spending time outdoors. Milder weather calls for outdoor cooking and picnics. With our outdoor kitchen essentials, you will be well equipped to create a proper outdoor kitchen.

Wall-Hung Vanities - Freestanding Vanities

Forget outer space, bathrooms are the new frontier. Creating a spa experience in home bathrooms has become one of the most significant trends in home design and leans into larger trends that focus on transforming the home into a serene oasis.

Flat Pack Cabinets

Besides being a suitable option for any homeowner looking to lower the cost of a design, flat pack is ideal for rented properties, compact living spaces, like flats, studios or annexes, and within other areas of the home, such as a utility or boot room.